Woman standing in a field giving thanks to God.



This is How We Fight Our Battles

What battles are you fighting right now? Where in your life do you need to see victory? How can you be best equipped to fight the good fight of faith every day? This week, we learn how each piece of the ARMOR OF GOD protects us in our fight. And let’s face it, we are fighting spiritual battles, big and small, every day. We can sure use the help. After you watch the video, here are 3 questions to reflect on, either by yourself, or with a few friends… 6 feet apart… To better answer these questions, please read through Ephesians 6:10-18. Why do you think the full armor of God protects your head, heart, hands, and feet, really your whole body? Which piece of the armor is easiest for you to put o

Walk and Talk With God - The Ultimate Download

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love Him. – 1Corinthians 2:9 During the past two months of COVID-19, what have your eyes NOT seen that you wish you could have seen? Maybe you miss seeing a paycheck being deposited into your checking account. Maybe you missed a graduation ceremony or your favorite team taking the field. For me, I missed seeing my daughter in Nevada over Spring Break and my mom and step-dad last month in Arizona. All my trips have been canceled. All my summer plans are still unknown. I sure yours are too. So much is still unknown, right? We don’t know when churches will gather again on weekends or sport

Lessons From Your Dirty Laundry

The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love. -Psalm 103:8 I hope you’re all hanging in there. By my count, this is Week 8 of the “COVID 19 Shut Down.” For 8 weeks now, you’ve been in cooped-up in close quarters with the same people. There’s no escape. We’re able to pick our friends but when it comes to FAMILY and this quarantine…we’re stuck with them. This week’s Holy Habit is vital to your survival: FORGIVENESS. Take a tour with me through some of my dirty laundry, minus the smell, and I’ll teach you 5 Steps I’ve found to be essential for my forgiving others, and myself. Here are this week’s 3 O’Clock Circle Questions: 1. If you hold onto a grudge and refuse to

Extroverts On The Loose!

OK. We've been cooped up for almost seven weeks now. And for us extroverts, that's tough. There's a lot of talking we've missed out on. This week, I sat down with Mick Juarez, head of Guest Services at Flatirons Church, a good friend and a fellow extrovert. We caught up and talked about how important it is to get through trials with a trusted friend. Mick is fantastic. You'll want to hang on until the last part. I guarantee it'll get you laughing. Based on the video, here are your 3 O'Clock Circle Questions: 1. Think and pray - In this time of trials, who is a trusted friend you can lean on? 2. Trust in the trial - Will you be vulnerable, sharing your real life and honest heart? What do