Woman standing in a field giving thanks to God.



The "Ah-Ha!" Moments That Change Your Life

When you walk close to Jesus, you can expect that God will give you new insights and a few “Ah-ha!” moments. It’s in these moments when you see Jesus more clearly or hear God’s still-small voice. It can ignite an unstoppable faith and change your life. God is searching the earth looking for people like you & me who want to see Jesus more clearly and hear His voice. Key question – When God is searching, will YOU be found by Him? Here are this week’s 3 Circle Questions: 1. ILLUMINATION – Think of a time when God made something completely clear to you. Share when, where, and how it happened. 2. COMMUNICATION – On a scale of 1-10, how much do you need to hear from God? Why so? 3. DIRECTION – Ma

The Rollercoaster Ride of Friendship

We all know Jesus was a great teacher and a great leader. He was the son of God, after all… But did you know Jesus was a great friend? Which says a lot, considering what His “band of brothers” was like. He had: Peter, James, John, Philip, and Andrew – Hebrew school rejects who were now fishing for a living. Matthew – a tax collector, which means stole money from his people. Everyone hated him. Simon – a Zealot – basically a politician… enough said Thomas – a pretty negative doubter. Kind of like Eore on steroids Judas – a thief who ultimately betrayed Him. But He still loved them… and many, many more. This week, I want to challenge you to prioritize your friendships, like Jesus did I want y

Killing Giants

This week, we learn a little more about David, and how we can model his techniques for successfully defeating our Goliaths. Here are 3 questions you can wrestle with this week. I encourage you to read David vs. Goliath in 1Samuel 17. Then reflect on these questions personally and with a circle of trusted people. 1. Every day we face giants in our lives. Maybe your giant is anxiety, insecurity, body image, anger, or unforgiveness. The list of giants is long and very personal. Take a moment and ask yourself. What giant is stopping me in my tracks and blocking my spiritual growth? 2. Once you’ve named your giant, it’s time to tap into God’s supernatural power given to you through the Hol

How To Know Where We Should Go

This week, I get to talk with Mary Carol Kolbenschlag, Co-founder of Discover Pathwaze, about how we can best figure out our direction amidst life’s many challenges and distractions. Discover Pathwaze has worked with hundreds of young adults to filter through the confusion, stress, and uncertainty of their college application and career process. Mary Carol shares her insight and wisdom, giving us THREE KEYS to discovering the best paths for us, and the young adults in our lives. This is so helpful, no matter where you are in your journey. Join us, along with one loud airplane, a couple big bugs, and a barking dog, for this powerful conversation in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. 3 Circl