Woman standing in a field giving thanks to God.



Our Walks Of Shame

What is it about shame and regret that has such a powerful hold on us? If you’re like me, there are some things that are very, very hard to let go of. But letting go is exactly what Jesus wants us to do. He cares more about who we are becoming than where we’ve been. So this week, let’s do the walk of shame together, let ourselves off the mat, and allow ourselves to accept his forgiveness Here are this week’s 3 Circle Questions to reflect on alone with Jesus and with a few trusted friends this week. 1. Drop the Rock of Shame – Can you think of a “Walk of Shame” your feet have traveled? Where were you? What did you do? Who saw you? In Psalm 34:5 God promises, “Those who look to Him are radiant

Labels and Lies

When was the last time you stood face to face with someone who told you you’re not enough? Not smart enough. Not pretty enough. Not skinny enough. Not rich enough. It hurts right? Imagine being the Samaritan woman at the well in John Chapter 4. Married and divorced 5 times, living with a man who was not her husband, forced to get her water alone in the heat of mid-day rather than in the cool morning with the other women of the town. Imagine the labels placed on her: Slut. Lazy. Stupid. Half-Breed… But when Jesus stood face to face with her at the well, He reached past these labels, and it changed the trajectory of her life forever. He does the same for you. Jesus sees all your labels, the na

Love Notes From Your Liquor Cabinet

Did you know that Jesus’ first miracle in the Bible was to turn water into wine? A lot of wine. Some scholars estimate it to have been 180-200 gallons. Maybe Jesus was trying to show us that he could be just an average guy when He wanted to… I read the other day that when COVID -19 started shutting down the US in March 2020, alcohol sales increased by 55%. Sales of it online went up 243%. So…even if you don’t have a relationship with alcohol, I bet someone you care about does. I certainly do. And at times it’s been a little too close for comfort. This week, I sit down and exchange a few words of affection with a few bottles of booze. See if you can relate.. Real, Raw, & Relevant Questions: F

Face to Face

Thanks for joining me at the Ethol Harold Trailhead on the Walker Ranch Loop in Boulder, CO! Today, we start a series I’m calling Face to Face. It’s about what happens when ordinary people, like you and me, stand face to face with Jesus. We’ll be looking at people in the book of John, but what happened to them can just as easily happen to us when we “look Jesus in the eyes.” It’s a face to face encounter that will change our lives forever! 3 Circle Questions Please reflect and talk about these 3 questions this week with a few friends. Please read John chapters 1-3. 1. Review John 1:14. Why do you need both grace and truth? 2. Read John 1:35-50. In verse 43, how does Jesus call Philip? Think