complete your community

3 o'clock circles

Break out of your comfort zone

and into your strongest faith

Make life-building connections

It's easy. Here's how:

FIRST... Call, text, or email a couple friends you'd like to grow with


THEN... Read this week's BLOG or listen to this week's PODCAST (If you're not yet subscribed, click HERE)


AFTER THAT... Get together: over coffee, at the pool, in a home, along the trail. Some women are even meeting on a Zoom Call

  • Talk over the week's message, or anything you'd like.  Be REAL, RAW, and RELEVANT with each other and watch your faith take off!

Hey! We're looking for great stories from your Circles!

If you've got one. if you're meeting somewhere interesting, or if you've got any questions or suggestions, PLEASE, let me know!

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