I am...
  • a mother of three teenagers praying daily for their safety, especially the two driving cars in Colorado.

  • a wife to a goal setting, adventurous husband.  If he’s not training for a race, I’m worried about his sanity.

  • a teacher who left the public schools because you can’t point to Jesus as the solution to any problem.

  • a daughter who is finally starting to appreciate all my mom did for me.

  • a new step-daughter, dancing because my mom is now loved as she should be.

  • a grand-daughter who misses the generation now in heaven that introduced me to Jesus.

  • a sister who is grateful that her brother is raising his twin boys close by.

  • a sister-in-law to three incredible human beings who inspire me to love well. 

  • a friend who shares life with a few and treasures them much.

  • a volunteer who adores African refugees because they remind me to pursue my best life now.

  • a neighbor who needs to show God’s love more often.

  • a hiker who needs exercise to calm my nerves and nature to fill me up.

  • a dreamer who believes God can surpass my highest hopes. 

How it all began: An accidental alarm can change your world...
For my 31st birthday my husband gave me a running watch.  Though beautifully wrapped, I saw it less as a gift than as a slap in the face.  As I strapped it to my wrist, I could hear the voices in my head saying “Get out there and run that baby blubber off!”  (With two kids under the age of three, who had time to exercise?  For sure, my pre-pregnancy jeans would never fit again).  Later, my husband told me that he had set the watch alarm to go off at 3 o’clock the next afternoon so I wouldn’t miss an appointment.  “Great,” I thought, “he thinks I’m fat and late.”....
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