Bible Study

For eight weeks last winter, 92 women of Ascent Community Church in Louisville, Colorado took part in the first "3 O'Clock Wake Up Call" bible study.

Here's What They Had To Say

"It is the best bible study I’ve ever done - awesome and life changing.  I was going through a very, very difficult time in my life.  Had I not had this as a resource, I would not have made it."

– Lisa N.

"Before the 3 O’Clock Wake Up I didn’t ever really think about giving thanks to God.  Now I thank God all day long, which has definitely changed my life!"

– Jen M.

"The 3 O’Clock Wake Up was amazing.  It taught me the importance of “thanking God” on a regular basis.  It has prompted me to listen to God’s voice in spite of outward chaos, deepening my relationship with Jesus."

– Tammy P.

"The 3 O’Clock Wake Up began for me a new relationship, a new language, a new thought process, and an astounding realization that I can't do this alone."

– Lucy Y.

Would you like to start your own a 3 O'Clock Wake Up Call bible study?
This Bible Study is a unique, fun, and highly interactive way to:
  • Ignite and re-kindle your relationship with God
  • Share stories
  • Connect generations
  • Nurture your church community
"This Bible Study is unlike anything you've ever done!"
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