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Holy What?!

Renovating from the Inside Out

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Are you overwhelmed from struggling through life alone?

 Do you long for a constant companion to strengthen and guide you?

 Will you take seven simple steps into a bolder, braver, more brilliant life?

You are not alone. God has given you a constant companion who empowers you to live a more courageous life than you ever imagined:


 A Bible study for all women! 


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Small Group Leaders

What is the Holy Spirit? Many of us don’t have a clue who He is or what He does. Is He God’s good friend? An afterthought at the end of a prayer? Or does knowing Him personally change everything?


 Holy What?! will help you …

Discover how the Holy Spirit’s presence and power within you will renovate you from the inside out so you can live the amazing life God has planned for you.

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Includes Workbook & Video


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The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you. – Romans 8:11

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