we are dedicated to waking you up

We are breaking through the busyness and distractions of everyday life by answering His call, every day at 3:00pm. We want to help you do the same. 


Because a daily connection with God will ignite your faith and change your world.

It did for us!

Our goal is to have EVERYONE, in EVERY NATION, giving thanks to God, EVERY DAY at 3:00pm

Laura Busse - Founder

Twenty years ago, I was far from God, sleepwalking through life in my own strength, drowning in resentment, anger and unforgiveness.

Then, an accidental watch alarm began to wake me up and set me free. I started the 3 O'Clock Wake Up Call to do the same for you.

Mary Kolbenschlag

I received a serious wake up call about 5 years ago when, at the height of my career as a Technology Business executive, I was struggling and just didn't feel right anymore.

God nudged me to use my gifts, talents and strengths to support the 3 O'Clock Wake Up Call and start my own business helping young adults find their path.

Marianne Kranker

A mountain top experience at a 3 O'Clock Wake Up Call retreat changed my life. Now, with a new state to call home and a career focused on my strengths, talents, and experience, I am partnering with organizations to strategically plan and execute conferences for 100 to 100,000 attendees.

Thank you God!

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