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Say What??

Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love. – Hebrews 10:24

I don’t spend very much time thinking about what I should give my husband for his birthday, because I’ve learned over the years that receiving gifts doesn’t matter much to him anyways. If I want my sister in law to know I love her, I show up to take care of her twin boys, because she lights up when others help her through acts of service.

What about you? How do you best receive love?

God designed each one of us with a strong desire to be loved. But what if our love has different “languages?” In his book, The Five Love Languages, author Gary Chapman states that each of us likes to give and receive love in different ways. Specifically, he breaks this down into five “love languages” that each of us “speak.”

Here is a quick overview of them, which I personalized for you. Which ones resonate with you the most? You can take the test to discover your love languages at:

Words of Affirmation – For you, words speak louder than actions. You love compliments and hearing the words “I love you.” You desire others to count the ways they love you. Criticisms crush your spirit and ruin your day.

Quality Time – You feel loved when you spend time together without distractions. Undivided

attention, complete focus, and good listening makes your heart sing. Postponed dates drive you


Receiving Gifts – When you receive a thoughtful gift, you feel known and loved. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money but if it’s from the heart, you feel cared for. If your birthday or special holiday is missed, love leaks out of your heart.

Acts of Service – When someone chooses to ease your burdens by completing your chores, their work speaks love to your heart. The words, “Let me do that for you,” are beautiful and fulfilling. But when others are lazy or give you more work to do, your love tank is emptied.

Physical Touch – You love hugs, holding hands, and thoughtful touches because they communicate love in a real and tangible way. You touch others when you’re excited, concerned, or want them to know you care about them. Being accessible physically is of the utmost important. If you feel neglected, you shut down and have a hard time forgiving.

Once you discover your love language, share it with those closest to you. Let’s spur one another on to give and receive love in the unique ways God designed us to love.

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