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Keep On Keepin' On

Keep on asking and it will be given to you, keep on seeking and you will find; keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you. – Matthew 7:7-8 (AMP)

I’m so thankful God doesn’t answer all of my prayers. Looking back, I’m glad that the cute guy in high school never asked me out, that I didn’t get into my “dream” college, and that several jobs I applied for were given to someone else. We’ve all knocked on doors that were slammed shut. That’s just one God reveals the plans for our lives.

Why some doors open and others stay closed will probably always be a mystery, but I discovered something recently that helps me better understand how God wants us to pray for what we want. In Matthew 7:7-8, He tells us to keep asking, keep seeking and keep knocking.

The definition of “keep” is to continue, remain, stay, carry on and persist. That’s how we are to pray about the deep desires of our hearts. Jesus spoke these words to His disciples, and to us, making it clear that we’re never to give up in our pursuit of God in prayer.

To keep on asking, seeking and knocking looks like:

  • Continuing to pray for huge, miraculous things only God can do.

  • Remaining in your faith by praying continuously for a breakthrough.

  • Staying focused on God’s ability to answer prayers.

  • Carrying on day by day, inviting God into all the details of your life.

God desires for us to pray about everything, from life changing decisions to small hurts and bumps in the road. No prayer is too big or too small for Him. If you think about it, isn’t everything tiny in the eyes of the Creator of the world? The purpose of prayer is not necessarily to always get what we ask for, it’s to build a strong, enduring, life-long relationship with God.

Who else is available every moment of every day to listen to your heart? Who else loves you unconditionally on your worst days? Who else has incredible plans for your life with no strings attached? God alone.

What prayers are you thankful God never answered? Which desires of your heart do you need to keep on praying about?

A - Ask and you will receive the gifts God has for you.

S - Seek and you will find God while you pray.

K - Knock and the doors God has chosen for you will open.

Postscript: My husband Dan and I went to high school together. He tells me that as a “cute guy from high school” he did in fact ask me out… but I told him "no."

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