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A Servant's Heart

For even the Son of Man (Jesus) did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many. – Mark 10:45

Living in the mountains of Colorado has some incredible benefits: challenging hiking trails, cooler summer temperatures, colorful sunsets and continuous wildlife sightings. Mountain living also has its drawbacks: gas tanks empty quickly, icy roads demand expensive tires, and scheduling conflicts often strand me in town for hours.

Recently, while stuck in town, I ventured into the bookstore Barnes & Noble seeking a quiet spot to think and write. Tucked in the back of the bookstore, sitting within ear shot of me, a technology class is in session. Three adult men are perplexed at various levels. One man struggles to discover what button to push next. Another expresses frustration because what he’s expecting isn’t happening. The last man erupts in laughter when he finally finds success.

I too burst out laughing. They all look over at me. I blush, giggle and say, “Your laughter is so contagious. You have such a beautiful smile.” Now he’s blushing as the teacher nudges his elbow reminding him to thank me.

They get back to work. I hear the teacher calling each man by name and encouraging them to press on through their frustration. As the teacher individually instructs them, I can’t help but notice his gentleness and loving kindness. He reminds me of Jesus.

When we’re perplexed and struggle to know what’s next, Jesus promises to be our good shepherd and guide us. When our frustrations rise, Jesus reminds us to bring our burdens to Him and He promises to give us rest. And when we finally find success, Jesus is right there celebrating with us.

When the teacher let the class know they’d be leaving in 2 minutes, the men handed over their computer tablets, tucked their personal items in backpacks, and pushed their wheelchairs toward the front of the bookstore where a van waited to take them back to the center that serves adults with disabilities.

Right before the men departed our area, they turned back to me and joyfully waved good-bye. I caught the teacher’s eye, smiled and said, “You are a great teacher! Keep up the incredible work.” He blushed, laughed a little, and lowered his head. I knew in that moment… his servant heart often goes unnoticed.

We are told to have the same attitude of Christ Jesus (Philippians 2:5). How can you choose an attitude of gentleness, kindness or love today? Who besides you will greatly benefit from your servant’s heart?

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