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Love Made Complete

No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and His love is made complete in us. – 1 John 4:12

Twenty-five years ago, New Year's Eve in a New England church, I took Dan’s hand, said “I do. I believed our love could endure any storm and our passion would never wane.

Young and naïve, I didn’t foresee the storms that have crashed into us over the years: high risk pregnancies, job losses, financial crisis, death of friends, family discord, wayward teenagers, car crashes, medical problems, a forest fire…countless difficult times and many disappointments. Still our love endured.

Looking back, I can see how each storm could have divided us. Instead, God used them to draw us closer to Him and each other. What Satan meant for harm, God used for good.

Today, Dan is not only my best friend, he’s the closest thing to God’s love I’ll know on this earth. He’s taken it upon himself to push me way out of my comfort zone to become the woman I am today.

Twenty two years ago, though I’d never camped overnight in the woods, he lead me on a 6 week, 486 mile backpacking trip from Denver to Durango along the Colorado Trail. When the longest distance I’d ever run was 5 miles, he coached me to run three marathons. And when I was afraid to share The 3 O’Clock Wake Up Call with others, he created a website to share it with the world.

Dan embodies God’s love by never leaving me and constantly pushing me to become stronger, wiser, and more like Jesus. His goals always seem out of reach, but by dreaming together, planning, and pressing on, I somehow cross the finish-line. On our 25th Anniversary, I thank God for my faithful, loving husband.

Who in your life always cheers you on to reach new heights? Who knows you inside and out and still loves you dearly?

Thank God for this relationship because when we love one another, His love is made complete in us (1John 4:12). His plan to love the whole world is quite simple.

God intends for His love flows in us and through us to the people around us.

This is the best way to celebrate the New Year…simply and intentionally let the people you love know it with your words and actions.

A powerful question to ponder as you set your New Year goals: How will God’s love flow through you this year?

The Power of Giving God Thanks Will Ignite Your Faith and Change Your World!

Thank You for being a part of the 3 O’Clock Wake Up Call Movement

#peace #faith #love

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