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Trust... Without Training Wheels

Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; He’s the one who will keep you on track. – Proverbs 3:5-6 (MSG)

Two years ago, the night before Prom, an unexpected spring storm trapped our cars in the driveway under a foot and a half of heavy, wet snow. With my husband out of town, the only way my daughter was going to make it to Prom was if her brother could plow her out in time.

As I watched my grown son hook up the plow to the truck and go to work moving snow and ice from the driveway and down our mountain road, I flashed back to an autumn day, many years ago, when I taught him how to ride a bicycle without training wheels.

With my right hand, I held onto the seat of his little two-wheeler. I steadied the bike as he hopped on. Then I ran alongside him as he peddled faster and faster. I shouted encouragement. “You’ve got this! Great job! Keep pedaling!” Eventually, my legs couldn’t keep up so I let go of the bike. Away he rode, all by himself down the street. Smiling and laughing I yelled, “Yippee, you did it!”

He had been terrified, but he trusted me that he’d be OK.

Adult life isn’t too different from being pushed forward on a bike with no training wheels, it’s just more complex. Think about how often God gives us the same opportunity to place our trust in Him.

Imagine yourself in these different scenarios. Be honest and ask yourself...

Will you trust God when…

  • Your prayers aren’t being answered and the waiting is long?

  • God seems silent, distant, or simply says NO?

  • You did the right thing, but lost the job anyways?

Will you trust God when…

  • Computers crash, flights are delayed, the wedding is canceled?

  • Money is tight, bills are piling up, and bank accounts are depleting?

  • The medical report reads cancer, the lab results don’t make sense?

Will you trust God when…

  • Relationships are rocky, your marriage is a mess?

  • A car crashes, money is stolen, divorce papers are signed?

  • Your child makes terrible choices, your family is in crisis?

Trusting God with all your heart when your world is turned upside down is one of the hardest tests of faith we Christians face.

Some people walk away from God when the going gets tough. Some try to take control and fend for themselves. And some trust God completely, leaning into His strength and listening to His voice, waiting to be lead out of chaotic circumstances.

Let’s work to trust God completely, from the bottom of our hearts. He will show us how to stay upright and keep on track with the plans He has for us.

You can do it! Keep pedaling on the road of faith, and believe you will be shouting for joy and thanking God that you made it through… by trusting Him.

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