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FOMO... It's a thing

Wisdom has built her house…she has set her table…she calls from the highest point of the city. Let all come in here! – Proverbs 9:1-2, 4

While running around frazzled the other day, my teenage daughter jokingly complained that she was in the throes of “FOMO.” In response to my confused look, she described this “Fear Of Missing Out” as being anxious about too many social choices. If she went with one circle of friends, she said, she’d be missing out on fun with another.

While the name makes it sound like a teen problem, if we’re honest, we all suffer from some degree of FOMO. If you have a Facebook account, it’s probably a little worse.

How do you feel when you see pictures of friends at a party or wedding that you couldn’t attend or, worse, that you weren’t invited to?

In Luke 14:15-24 Jesus tells the story of a man who prepared a great banquet for many people. When the guests received their invitation, they gave excuses and declined to go. So the host called to anyone in the streets and in the surrounding countryside to partake in all that had been wonderfully prepared. I bet the banquet host was hoping for a little bit of FOMO from his invited guests.

Similarly, in Proverbs 9, titled Invitations of Wisdom, Wisdom prepares a feast for her guests, saves a place for them at the table, and calls when everything is ready. Her guests also have a choice. Will they her receive wisdom and enjoy her company? God is asking us the same question.

God communicates His wisdom through His word, divine circumstances, and the counsel of others. Unfortunately, we are often too busy, make up excuses, or care more about what other people think, and God’s voice goes unheard.

  • What if…your FOMO applied more to God’s wisdom and less to the callings of the world?

  • What if…you went into each and every day listening for invitations from God?

  • What if…you anticipated wisdom’s call and already agreed to respond YES?

God’s wisdom IS calling you. You are invited to follow Jesus, be transformed into His likeness little by little, and grow in your faith each and every day. Remember, fear is the first step towards wisdom (Proverbs 9:10).

The fear of the Lord is a good fear, not a fear that produces anxiety like FOMO. No, the fear of the Lord is a godly fear that causes your feet to walk in wisdom, so you don’t miss out on the wonderful journey God has planned for you.

Thankfully, you are invited. Wisdom is calling. Will you say YES and GO?

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