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How To Know Where We Should Go

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

This week, I get to talk with Mary Carol Kolbenschlag, Co-founder of Discover Pathwaze, about how we can best figure out our direction amidst life’s many challenges and distractions.

Discover Pathwaze has worked with hundreds of young adults to filter through the confusion, stress, and uncertainty of their college application and career process. Mary Carol shares her insight and wisdom, giving us THREE KEYS to discovering the best paths for us, and the young adults in our lives.

This is so helpful, no matter where you are in your journey. Join us, along with one loud airplane, a couple big bugs, and a barking dog, for this powerful conversation in the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

3 Circle Questions

Here are three questions you can reflect on and discuss with a circle of friends or family.

1. What are strengths you feel God has given you? How are you currently using these strengths in your life?

2. Who is someone you look to be your guide and help you discover the plans God has for you? Are you helping to guide anyone else?

3. Prayer Challenge – Ask God to lead you down the next path He has for you. Like Abraham, take the next step of faith and GO! Pray for young adults you love and ask God to help you be their guide.

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