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Comparison is Crap!

“Where do you live? What do you do for work? Where do your kids go to school?”

We live in a culture that’s quick to rank the room: who’s the smartest, the prettiest, richest?

It’s been said that comparison is a trap. But I’ll just go ahead and say that comparison is crap!

Why? Because it has the power to take our minds to places we don’t want to go. Spiraling toxic thoughts can lead us to envy, judgement, and even self-loathing which makes a mess of our minds.

But wait, there is hope! There are two pathways we can take to get away from comparison. The more you take them, the more accessible they become. This week we shift lanes and stop comparing ourselves with others.

3 Challenges For You:

#1. Every time your mind driving down the comparison lane, think… COMPARISON IS CRAP! (Yes, it is theologically correct.)

#2. To veer out of the Comparison Lane, move into Gratitude Lane by counting your blessing. Start little by looking around you. Thank God for gifts you can see. Then look within you and give God thanks for your most precious gifts; the ones that don’t have a price tag like family, friends, and faith.

#3. Pick one person to intentionally love and serve this week. Ask yourself, who needs help or encouragement? Then make a plan. Lastly and most importantly, put your plan in motion. That’s how others will know you’re a Christian. Not by what you have….but how you LOVE.

After you do these three things, share your outcomes with a few friends.

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