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Face to Face

Thanks for joining me at the Ethol Harold Trailhead on the Walker Ranch Loop in Boulder, CO!

Today, we start a series I’m calling Face to Face. It’s about what happens when ordinary people, like you and me, stand face to face with Jesus.

We’ll be looking at people in the book of John, but what happened to them can just as easily happen to us when we “look Jesus in the eyes.”

It’s a face to face encounter that will change our lives forever!

3 Circle Questions

Please reflect and talk about these 3 questions this week with a few friends.

Please read John chapters 1-3.

1. Review John 1:14. Why do you need both grace and truth?

2. Read John 1:35-50. In verse 43, how does Jesus call Philip? Think of a time in your life when Jesus called you to follow Him. Where did He take you? How were you changed by the experience?

3. Read about Jesus’ first miracle in John 2:1-11. What did Jesus reveal that day to His disciples? How has Jesus been revealing His glory to you lately?

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