Love Notes From Your Liquor Cabinet

Updated: Jan 5

Did you know that Jesus’ first miracle in the Bible was to turn water into wine? A lot of wine. Some scholars estimate it to have been 180-200 gallons. Maybe Jesus was trying to show us that he could be just an average guy when He wanted to…

I read the other day that when COVID -19 started shutting down the US in March 2020, alcohol sales increased by 55%. Sales of it online went up 243%. So…even if you don’t have a relationship with alcohol, I bet someone you care about does.

I certainly do. And at times it’s been a little too close for comfort.

This week, I sit down and exchange a few words of affection with a few bottles of booze. See if you can relate..

Real, Raw, & Relevant Questions:

First, read John 2:1-10, then answer:

1. With alcohol sales up 55% in the US, it’s timely to ask ourselves. What is your relationship with alcohol? If alcohol wrote you a letter or text message, what would she say? What “Ah-ha” does this note reveal?

2. Jesus turned water into wine to bless the people at the wedding. What do you need Him to multiply or bless in your life during this time?

3. When Mary said, “Do whatever He tells you.” the servants obeyed His every word. When has God told you to do something and you obeyed? What did that experience teach you about yourself and God?

I encourage you to continue reading through the book of John this summer. Here’s our reading plan:

July 10th - Week One – Chapters 1-3

July 17th – Week Two – Chapters 4-6

July 24th

– Week Three – Chapters 7-9

July 31st– Week Four – Chapters 10-12

August 7th – Week Five – Chapters 13-15

August 14th – Week Six – Chapters 16-18

August 21st – Week Seven – Chapters 19-21

Thanks so much for joining me this week! If you liked this, please share it with a friend. The more people we reach out to, the closer we get to our goal of: Everyone, Every Nation, Every Day - Giving Thanks to God at 3PM

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