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Mary and Martha - A Blend of Both

This week, we’ll see what happened when the sisters, Mary and Martha, met Jesus Face to Face right after the death of their brother Lazarus. Martha accused Mary of being lazy, and Mary thought Martha was a little crazy.

But the truth is, both of them showed good qualities.

When we face crazy times, whether it’s company coming or COVID keeping our kids home from school, we can handle it best when we blend both Mary and Martha together: praying like it depends on God, then working like it depends on us.

Here are 3 Circle Questions for you to reflect on, then discuss in a small group.

1. Who do you most identify with Mary who sat at Jesus’ feet or Martha who was busy in the kitchen? Why so?

2. Why do you like it’s a good idea for us to be a BLEND OF BOTH sisters?

3. How can you be the best blend of Mary and Martha this week? Make an action plan and hold each other accountable to it.

Thank you for being a part of the 3 O’Clock Wake Up Call! If you liked this, please share it with someone. And I always love hearing from you about what you’re thinking, so please email me anytime at

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