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The "Ah-Ha!" Moments That Change Your Life

When you walk close to Jesus, you can expect that God will give you new insights and a few “Ah-ha!” moments. It’s in these moments when you see Jesus more clearly or hear God’s still-small voice. It can ignite an unstoppable faith and change your life.

God is searching the earth looking for people like you & me who want to see Jesus more clearly and hear His voice. Key question – When God is searching, will YOU be found by Him?

Here are this week’s 3 Circle Questions:

1. ILLUMINATION – Think of a time when God made something completely clear to you. Share when, where, and how it happened.

2. COMMUNICATION – On a scale of 1-10, how much do you need to hear from God? Why so?

3. DIRECTION – Make a list of all the ways God can lead us in His direction. Then circle 2-3 you believe God wants you to focus on this summer.

Please share this video with friends. Invite them to join us as we give thanks to God every day at 3M – that’s a great way to grow our love for Jesus! Thanks!

See you next week… but not at 5am!

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