God does not call you to insecurity and doubt. He calls you to place your security and faith in Him. He calls you to recognize His presence around you, His power within you, and His plans for you. This is where true, long-lasting confidence is born.


So, why is it so hard for us to achieve it?


Because every day we are being sold false confidence. Buy this anti-aging cream, your face will glow with confidence. Sign up for a gym membership, you’ll walk with confidence. Exude confidence, and you’ll land the promotion. Confidently press harder for the perfect family. Or, what the heck, renovate the house and become the confident host you’ve always dreamed of being!


But the confidence boosts we get from applying the creams paying the monthly gym membership, pushing our way up the career ladder, and going into debt to fix up the house are short lived, like a sugar high. When we crash, we plunge back into insecurity, negativity, and self-criticism. Because wrinkles are inevitable, memberships alone don’t make good habits, climbing over others hurts everyone, perfect families don’t exist, and debt eventually drowns us.


In this Bible Study, you can walk alone, or with a group of friends, through a journey where we'll learn how to let:

• God’s truths triumph over toxic thoughts.

• Gratitude to God reset our minds and overrides anxiety.

• Great love overcome all, even shame.


Together we will break the chains that hold us back in order to run the race God has marked out for us.We will stand, unite, and believe with CONFIDENCE that:


He who began a good work in us, will be faithful to complete it. – Philippians 1:6

Called to Confidence Bible Study

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