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Is your life filled with drama, struggle, strife, and trauma?

To you question your calling or need more confidence to pursue your passion and purpose?


Like Queen Esther, our problems, pain, and confusion have the power to reveal to us God’s amazing plans - divine plans far beyond our wildest imaginations!

This 5-session faith study will captivate your imagination, ignite your faith, and illuminate timeless, proven paths from…

  • Struggle to Strength 

  • Grief to Gratitude

  • Loss to Leadership

  • Problem to Perserverance

  • Challenge to Confidence

Do you believe wholeheartedly that personal growth and positive change are possible when we see ourselves through God’s eyes and allow the Holy Spirit to be our guide?
 Will you dive into Esther’s story and find your feet moving in a heroine’s direction?


If so, then you are... Called to Confidence for Such a Time as Now.


With this purchase, you will receive:

  • Called to Confidence workbook
  • Called to Confidence session videos

Called to Confidence

  • Includes a physical paperback workbook and online access to the session videos and leadership training.

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