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What if six simple blessings from God could…

  • Clearly communicate your true calling 

  • Equip you with wisdom and courage to fight for and bless the next generation

  • Empower you to shine bright in a dark world


Would you accept these free gifts? 

Would you pass them on?


If so, then... Tag, You're It!


Living in our true identity, we can pass along priceless gifts to the next generation - blessings that will far outlive our lives.

It’s time! Whether the latest news has you worried about your future, the next generation, or you have a loved one struggling with mental or emotional issues, this study is for you.

Laura has lived in the trenches with her three children fighting for their mental, emotional, and spiritual health for over ten years. She has walked painful roads never planned, asked the hard questions, and clung to Jesus even in the darkest valleys. She’ll share tested and true faith habits learned from the battlefield. Having lost her son to depression and suicide, she’s on a mission to raise up a fierce army to fight the darkness. 

Together with the help of Christine Ruth, MS, LMFT, an expert in the field of family therapy, we will shine light on the most prominent mental health issues plaguing our population. With courageous faith and practical tools, we will take back territory stolen from us and claim new lands of promise and hope. 

You can expect real steps of faith for victories, raw stories of struggle, and relevant strategies for hope. It’s time to step into your calling, stand up and fight for the next generation, and shine bright in a dark world.


With this purchase, you will receive:

  • Tag, You're It workbook
  • Tag, You're It session videos 
  • Free leadership training materials

Tag, You're It!

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Includes a physical paperback workbook and online access to the session videos and leadership training.

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