Extroverts On The Loose!

May 7, 2020



OK. We've been cooped up for almost seven weeks now.


And for us extroverts, that's tough. There's a lot of talking we've missed out on.


This week, I sat down with Mick Juarez, head of Guest Services at Flatirons Church, a good friend and a fellow extrovert. We caught up and talked about how important it is to get through trials with a trusted friend.


Mick is fantastic. You'll want to hang on until the last part. I guarantee it'll get you laughing.


Based on the video, here are your 3 O'Clock Circle Questions:

1. Think and pray - In this time of trials, who is a trusted friend you can lean on?

2. Trust in the trial - Will you be vulnerable, sharing your real life and honest heart? What do you need in a trusted friend these days?

3. Make a plan - How can you walk through this trial with a trusted friend? Pick up the phone. Call. Text. Stat the sharing. You go first.

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April 30, 2020

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