Laura taps into more than thirty years of creative teaching to bring God’s truths alive in fresh and eye-opening ways.


Through high-energy, interactive activities, she takes the audience on a contagiously joyful journey of faith, hope, and love.



Laura’s speaking and teaching has been described as:

  • Real – transparent, no hiding, vulnerable

  • Raw – truthful, honest, relatable

  • Relevant – timely, helpful, applicable



Speaking Topics Include:


  • The Power of Daily Gratitude – How recognizing and thanking God for His abundant blessings, every day at 3pm, can ignite faith and change lives.


  • Called to Confidence – God does not call on us to live in fear. He calls on us to live our best lives, with a confidence that's contagious! 


  • Wake Up to Trust – Trusting God at all times takes guts, grit, and gratitude.


  • Comparison is Compromise – Comparing ourselves to one another is dangerous and a detour to abundant life.



To find out if Laura is available to speak at your event or retreat, please email her 


Sample Videos

On the wisdom of packing for vacation after a late night out

Christmas planning creates a pain that only a bag of frozen peas can fix

Falling into the "comparison trap" of a Las Vegas gym can be downright dangerous

Be The One - Conference Keynote

Overcoming Negativity - Conference Keynote

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